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Online International Seminar on the Five Animal Forms and Eight Appearances
in the Teachings of Master Moy Lin-Shin

Saturday June 17, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern daylight time

Registering for the event will give you access to a recording for approximately two weeks.


This seminar is for everyone,whether you are a beginning or a more experienced student of Tai Chi. It was conceived to allow us to pay respect to our teacher Moy Lin-shin by bringing together our community of Tai Chi practitioners and help a fellow tai chi student in need of support. Our friend Mike Usher was a key person in bringing Master Moy’s vision to fruition in the UK and Europe, and was much loved and respected for his kindness, gentleness, clear thinking and efficiency. As many of you know by now Mike has Motor Neurone Disease (also known as ALS) and over the last few months this has brought about a big decline in his health. He and his wife Dee have had to modify their cottage in Suffolk, England to enable Mike to have sleeping and bathroom facilities downstairs. His prognosis is still uncertain but given the rapid decline he is experiencing it is hard to see an optimistic picture.

The moment has come to see if we can raise some money as a token gesture for Mike and Dee to put towards the modest yet expensive extension they have had to undertake. But funds aside, this is a chance to say a huge thank you to Mike. Irrespective of where or who we practice tai chi with, now we can all reflect on the immense commitment and energy that Mike put in.

One of the purposes of learning this form of Tai Chi is to help others as well as making it available to all as we learn and integrate it into our western society. It is in such spirit that we have put together this event.

Sad news:

We have just learned that Mike Usher has passed away. His illness worsened suddenly and he died last week.

For those who didn't know him, Mike was much loved and respected for his kindness, gentleness, clarity of spirit and dedication.  He played a key role in bringing Master Moy's vision to life in the UK and Europe.

By organising this international seminar we wanted to help him in his difficult time and we intend to continue our fundraising to help his family who he leaves in mourning.

The Seminar:

Master Moy's practice and and his teachings were focused on Neidan (内丹術 - Internal Alchemy) or the complete transformation of mind and body to recover our Original Nature. Tai Chi, Lok Hup Ba Fa and other internal arts he taught are ways to cultivate not only our vitality but also our awareness, and, in this way, open the door to a deeper sense of self and our connection to the world around us.

One of the key process towards that end, in words he often repeated, is ''changing the tendons'', a profound transformation of mind and body that unfolds as we deepen our praxis. 

The Five Animal Forms we will explore in this seminar is both a description of such internal changes, and a step by step, comprehensive method which combines all internal art forms taught by Master Moy. By following Master Moy's teachings and by using the Five Animals Forms , internal transformations occur, and we are made aware of them through the emergence of the Eight Animal Appearances. It is when the timing of all Five Animal Forms flow simultaneously that the internal Eight Animals appear. We can learn to use the Five Animal Forms as an anatomical template of the internal art forms taught by Master Moy.

This Seminar will address these fundamental topics through demonstrations and practical exercises. To further theses explorations we are grateful for the help of Elliot Kravitz, a Montreal (Canada) physician who studied Tai Chi and trained in the internal arts under the direct supervision of Master Moy for many years. On numerous occasions, he was asked by Master Moy to provide insights based in Western medicine to help us better understand various aspects of training, and to give comparative East-West perspectives in concepts of health and the body to help us navigate their complexity. Since the mid 1980's, he has been using the Five Animal Forms as a vehicle to explore movement and transmit Master Moy's teachings. We are truly honoured by his participation to this Seminar.

We will also have the contribution of three international instructors: Philippe et Hubert Gagnon from Montreal, who started their apprenticeship of the Taoist arts with Master Moy in the 1970's, and Andrew Kirby, a key presence in the advancement of Tai Chi in the United Kingdom who also studied under the direct supervision of Moy Lin-Shin.*

*The speakers/instructors/organizers for this event are all acting as volunteers. All funds contributed through PayPal by participants will go directly to Mike Usher. A minimum £20 contribution is required for registration.

How to register

The seminar is on Saturday June 17, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern daylight time, or if you live in the UK 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, or if you live in Germany 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The registration link on ClickMeeting is:       

Paypal handles the payment. If you do not have a Paypal account, there is a way to register using a credit card instead (if you need help, an instruction link will be available shortly). 

A JustGiving page for donations has also been set-up. If you want to use this rather than the paid ticket, simply go through the ClickMeeting registration but don’t pay- it will appears on Andrew Kirby's dashboard and he will send an invite to the email address registered.

A recording of the event will be made available for a limited time as an on-demand webinar in Clickmeeting.
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