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Ready to become more agile and fit?

Our taichi set is dynamic and full of stretches, introduced gently. It is Master Moy Lin-shin authentic and integral form.

The introductory classes cover the three sections of the taichi sequence, as well as various exercises offered to help with basic training. The art is presented in three levels which are approached according to the progress of the participants.

We value a good understanding of the art and the quality of movements.

If you already have experience in other similar disciplines, these courses will provide you with the keys to understanding the specific approach to this training.  

Beginners I
Here, we introduce the first 16 movements of the sequence, some fundamental exercises and the basic principles of training. Without rush, you will become familiar with the steps, the alignments and the coordination of the movements. The intensity of the exercise increases gradually, but remains moderate.

Beginners II
At this level we move into the second part of the routine and add a few more fundamental exercises, while gently introducing the concepts of stretching, rotation and spiral movement.

Beginners III
After the second part, we turn to the last part of the sequence. Here the intensity goes up a notch both in the form and the exercises. We aim to further mobilise the spine and soften the whole body, in preparation for the deep transformation of movement for which this art is so rightly appreciated.

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