Intermediate training



These courses give you the tools to continue training and integrate Taichi into your daily life. Here, the choreography and exercises are adapted to your abilities and evolve with you.

Gradually, the student masters not only the continuity of the choreography, but also the fluid inner momentum that creates the moves. The aim is to help you discover and train what tradition calls the "internal" movement.

Each student progresses at his or her own pace, with the support of the group, which stimulates exchanges and makes it possible to observe how to practice and transform the movements.

Training modules

The “continuity” module provides a review of the sequence, then introduces new ways of understanding the movements and executing them with fluidity.

The “foundations” module focuses on the fundamental exercises. This will allow you to become aware of the sequence of deep movements and spirals that drive the choreography.

Regular training
These classes approach Taichi as a regular practice that evolves with you and integrates the classical theoretical framework with Master Moy's practical interpretations.  

They also introduce you to the meditative practice of Taichi and bridge the gap between different forms of meditation (standing, sitting, lying down). To sharpen your senses, they also propose the push-hands exercise which is practised with the help of a partner.

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