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This website is an initiative of Philippe Gagnon. It presents courses, workshops and other activities and reference material related to the practice of taichi and the internal arts transmitted by Master Moy Lin-shin.

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Taichi nüances

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A nuanced
to instruction

               Philippe Gagnon offers an "energizing" and serene approach to learning the internal arts, informed by over 45 years of experience and exchanges with hundreds of enthusiasts. He proposes a complete exercise program, adapted to the various physical conditions and carefully adjusted according to the progress of the participants, so that it can benefit as many people as possible.   

The nuances of the
art or the subtlety
of neigong 

                Master Moy's internal arts engage and benefit the whole body while quieting the mind. Whether it is Taichi, Liuhebafa or Xingyi, they share a common foundation: “inner work” or neigong—a  gymnastic that focuses on posture and flexibility, but relies above all on tranquility and the discovery of a new coordination of subtle movement impulses. As students progress through a series of exercises and meditation postures, they refine their sense of movement and cultivate mindfulness. Intense and effective, the art is revealed in nuances and gentleness.

of practice

                We aim to offer quality training that is both lively and true to the teachings received directly from Master Moy Lin-shin.
“Teaching comes from the heart”, said Master Moy. Each student is treated with care and individual attention. We favour dynamic classes and encourage the sharing of experience among participants.  According to their level, we explain the more subtle aspects of the art and try to give participants the means to put them into practice.  We avoid dogmatic drifts and make common enthusiasm the basis of our exchanges and our projects.

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