Winter week at Lake MacDonald, Harrington, QC


led by Hubert Gagnon (Comme les nuages)
and Philippe Gagnon (Taichi nuances)

For all
Taichi - 5 day workshop - CAMMAC

Introduction to Taichi
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This workshop is designed for both new and experienced students. You will learn the sequence of Taichi, groundwork exercises and standing meditation postures (站 桩 zhàn zhuāng). We also invite you to participate in sitting meditation periods early each morning (靜 坐 jìngzuò - sitting in quietude).

For the more experienced, there will be precise flexibility and strengthening work, of course, but also methods to improve your alignment and overall coordination. We will cultivate stillness and inner listening so that a unified movement can emerge, expressed from the waist and spine. As many have discovered, the intensity of a week of Taichi creates the conditions for deep inner work, both physical and spiritual.

Take a nature walk around the Centre after dinner and, in the evening, relax by the fire with good company.    

About CAMMAC :
 The beautiful CAMMAC Music Centre is located on the shores of Lake MacDonald, in the Laurentians, halfway between Montreal and Ottawa (about 1.5 hours drive). Each year the Centre  welcomes amateur musicians from around the world to its programs. We are pleased that they have opened their doors to us for this week of taichi. The Centre provides meals (including vegetarian meals) and lodging, and offers an enchanting site.

Location :    
CAMMAC Music Centre,
Lac MacDonald
85, Cammac Rd., Harrington, QC

Dates :
February 26 - March 2, 2023

Registration, payment and other details: 

(comme les nuages website)

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